Crow Nighthawk (Jason) (crow_nighthawk) wrote in jobs_suck,
Crow Nighthawk (Jason)

The Mother of All Fucked-up Mondays

This monday really blew goats, so hard even the goats blew other goats.

I had a meeting with the Recreation Committee this week, and because they didn't have anyone to cover us, we couldn't go.  To remedy this, I'm putting a memo on the calendar at least a month in advance, and telling him in no uncertain terms to get bent because I won't be in until after the meeting, this means I won't even be in to work.  And he can't do shit.  I have a pass, I am allowed to go, I gave notice, he can't do shit.

This had me fuming until almost 7:30...

But here is the kicker.  The ultimate suck.  They now want us to  punch out on break, because too many people are taking advantage of this shit.  As it is right now, we don't have to punch out but only at the end of our shift.  Here is what kills me, the reason?  People aren't getting back to the line at 9:30.  The problem, they are fucking the rest of us, while not even thinking about those who actually abuse this.  Let alone not even thinking about the paperwork headache its going to cause.  Not to mention the lost money in replacing employees.

But let me backtrack for a bit.  Last spring, they sprang this new attendance policy on us, and it was bullshit, everyone knew it, no one wanted it, yet it got forced on us.  It was grieved, and we lost on a technicality in the contract that basically allowed them to do it, and we couldn't say shit.  And I knew it, I knew that this instance was going to be the turning point.  No one wanted to fuckin listen to me.  And now guess it comes on spring again, and now they want to use us as a doormat again and be like, hey, now you have to use this ancient timeclock that has slightly less processing power than a Dorito, even a spicy one, and clock out at lunch, at the extremely fucked locations we have them at.  And then clock back in before 9:30 and be at your workstation ready to work.

Someone tell me I have reason to be pissed off at this fuckin lack of thought and power over move!

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