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Friday Vacation Day my ass!

Well, I'm sitting here getting ready to eat as I got called in late to work, I have to go in at six, because I told them I'd be there no sooner than that...

First off, let me start by getting out every obscenity that comes to mind thinking about this:


So I get a call at about 4pm from a friend at work...he tells me nine people called in today, and they needed help bad.  So I got called to come back in to work.  These are people who called in AFTER those who gave notice, so they should have rightfully been told to fuck off.  I took a half day last night to come home early so I could watch my daughter while my wife took care of our sister-in-law.  And today was to rest my voice, but now I have to go in to work.  So much for that fuckin idea.

So here I sit, pissed as ever, I'm going to get the names of everyone who called in and they will be added to my shitlist, as they fucked my vacation day.  It's not all bad, I'm in a position to bargain I'm getting my vacay day back, and at least getting clocked in at six pm, if not 3:30.  But I'm still pissed as all fuck about this....

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

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