Crow Nighthawk (Jason) (crow_nighthawk) wrote in jobs_suck,
Crow Nighthawk (Jason)

Suck from today

Well, I have something I want to rant on, about a fellow co-worker who calls me his friend, I'm not sure why...

So, I work at a factory right, no big deal, the atmosphere is supposed to be of a men's locker room.  But to bring you up to speed:

I'm working on cabinet insulation on the furnace line, and my friend, who works just up the line from me, is calling me a pussy.  Because I have two people on my job, which is meant for one, according to the engineers.  and we all know how engineers work, they say it will work a certain way, so we have to do it that way...well, we have to do one unit every 72 seconds to stay on par. 

here's what I have to do, I have to put on glue, theres 10 seconds gone.  Then put on the back insulation, theres five.  Obtain and put on side insulation, theres 20 seconds.  Obtain a bracket and pop rivet it on, another five seconds.  Then, depending on what I'm doing, I have to put on clips, another eight seconds gone. Then put in two other pieces, which take another fifteen seconds.  So, for those keeping score thats 63 seconds gone, leaving 9 seconds.  this wouldn't be a problem, IF, and thats a big fuckin IF, it weren't for things not going on properly the first time. 
Barring anything going wrong, it can be done, but it can't, not unless you are fast as fuck, or forget something, or don't have to itch from the fiberglass insulation, seriously, is there anything better that isn't as much of a health hazard?

So I have a second guy helping over there, and learning the job, which (as I know now) he will be doing tomorrow, but I'm called lazy because I'm having a job split that is supposed to happen in the alotted time, but it doesn't...gods forbid I want to keep the damn line moving, so call me a pussy, fuck you!

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