Just an intro from your friendly assembly monkey

hi, my name is Jason, also known as crow nighthawk, I am your friendly (at times) assembly monkey, at a very reputable manufacturer of HVAC units...Many people at my job piss me off, and many stories shall be told, and few shan't because of stupid confidentiality...those are always the best stories, probably why they are how they are...but oh well, I will post more later, as sleep needs to win now

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My favorite manager requested back months ago to not close on thanksgiving. She could open, just not close. So she wasn't scheduled to.

The person who was scheduled called up a couple days before and said "Oh btw, I'll be in maryland so I won't be able to work on thanksgiving. My manager who requested the day off forever ago got to work on the holiday she really really wanted off.

She also gets to work black friday.
And christmas.

This is a second job for her, she's actually a teacher but works retail for a few extra bucks (which I think is horrible that a teacher would have to, but that's another rant). She's getting screwed and is already under too much stress as it is.